Why Should B2B Marketers Use Conversation Ads

September 26, 2021
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Linkedin Conversation Ads

Why Should B2B Marketers Use Conversation Ads

2.5 billion Users were reported to use mobile messaging apps. Many of them checked it over 3 times a day. This should be seen as a massive social media advertising opportunity by B2B marketers. Now is the time to look beyond traditional ad formats and to take the conversation straight to the users.

In the last few years, LinkedIn is developing ads which straight away talk to users through their messaging platform, InMail. Their first ad type   “Message Ads” (earlier called Sponsored InMail), achieved this. LinkedIn developed a public beta in March 2020 for “Conversation Ads”. It further increased and made betterment in how advertisers are able to interact with users in InMail.

Here in this post, 5 ways Conversation Ads allows B2B marketers to further drive great engagement with their targeted audience.

Use Personalized Messaging

The most striking difference between Conversation Ads & Messaging Ads is how the messages are laid out. In Messaging Ads, only one message can be sent by marketers, from a particular employee within a company, only a single CTA button can be included in it.

In some areas, Conversation Ads expand upon this.

  • Multiple CTA Action – In this, when a message is seen by the user, they can choose from multiple actions. You can add a maximum of 5 actions.
  • Additional messages – Rather sending only one message, depending on the response button a user selects, a new message is sent to them.

These two additional features give an opportunity to the marketers to make their messaging more personalized. It helps them improve engagement.

Target LinkedIn Matched Audience

Conversation Ads are as effective as the audience marketers are targeting. Thank God, the best targeting features are available on LinkedIn. Using these, you can create user lists based on industry, job title, size of the company and more. However, for Conversation Ads, further drilling down is recommended. You should target the users based on an email list of chosen customers. This is called Matched Audience.

When marketers combine Conversation Ads with specific user’s email, a new path is created by them to directly interact with the audience. For instance, you can run Conversation Ads along with an email blast campaign. Here, the same email list and messaging is used. You can use this strategy to increase the overall open rate and to better conversion rates.

Use Lead Gen Forms

There’s an improvement in Conversion rates when a Lead Gen Form is added in an ad due to:

·        Users don’t have to leave LinkedIn to fill the form

·        There’s LinkedIn information auto populating in the form

·        A direct link to the piece of content is provided to the users

Just like other ad forms on the platform, Conversation Ads is also able to use Lead Gen forms to improve lead totals. A lead gen form can be tied to each button option created in the ad.

Only active users are to be targeted

The biggest problem we face when we send email blasts to targeted users is that your message may be sent to old or outdated users. As a consequence you’ll have a poor open rate, lower conversion totals, and unnecessary spend.

The Conversation ads on LinkedIn are only delivered to users who are active on the platform. This is possible because of the “Active Status” feature that shows when a user is available. When you send Adds only to users who are active on LinkedIn make sure that.

·      Your money and time is not wasted on users who would never see the message.

·      Users receive the message when their probability of engagement is high.

Optimization has to be Based on Reporting

When users are provided with multiple options to choose from, it doesn’t only benefit the user receiving the message. Marketers can be thankful to LinkedIn as it provides them with reporting to make actionable decisions on. This includes:

  • Which assets are downloaded the most
  • Which are the messages that are leading to most site traffic
  • Which are those messages that force users to leave the conversation

Changes can be made by the marketers when they understand how users respond to messages. These ways marketers are able to give the highest quality content in the future. 


Marketers get the best opportunity to add a personal touch to their ad messages on the platform with Conversation Ads. This is the perfect way to go beyond the conventional online advertising and begin talking to customers directly.