Why LinkedIn Direct Messaging Is Your Best Sales Tool

March 5, 2021
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Linkedin Direct Message

Why LinkedIn Direct Messaging Is Your Best Sales Tool

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 It’s a fact: Asking someone to do something for you in a cold message is irritating. We ourselves receive so many cold emails and messages in a day that sending one of our own gives a regressive feeling. Yet, cold messages are getting credit for the huge success of businesses these days.

LinkedIn messages can have a better ROI than the conventional type of marketing, like running ads but only if the message is creatively designed, error from grammar and spelling mistakes, and sent to a targeted audience. They may even fetch better results for you. Users registered on LinkedIn probably have money to spend, according to a recent study the average salary of LinkedIn users is $75,000.

If you still are not convinced, consider these four reasons which will make you understand why LinkedIn messaging is an underutilized tool for sales.

1.  You can directly connect to business decision-makers.

It’s disappointing when you invest a large amount of your time and energy in a sale and in the end, you realize that the person you were conversing with for so long is not a decision-maker at their company. You have been successful in convincing them about why their company needs your product or service but this might get lost in the office hierarchy when it reaches the actual decision-maker.

According to LinkedIn marketing blog, 61 million LinkedIn users are Fortune 500 senior executives and 40 million are decision-makers at their company. That’s what you were looking for!

2.  Starts a conversation with your clients in a casual way.

Founder of Really, Matt Young who specializes in LinkedIn messaging, shares one of the reasons is so useful: It’s informal. “It is seen that mutual trust is built more quickly when you have a light-hearted and causal interaction like you are meeting in a nice café rather than in a formal meeting room”, Young states. An additional benefit is that it’s attached to your profile, which lists your qualifications and achievements in a modest way. So, creates, a perfect balance of informal and reliability.


3.  It’s faster than a cold email.

There are two messages for a reply from you: one is a cold email lying in your inbox and the other is a cold messaging in your LinkedIn DM. Which one will you reply to most probably if you are running short of time? Likely the latter, simply because it’s faster. You don’t need to be formal in this chat-like format.

The response times are too quick, just because of how frequently the average user is on LinkedIn. According to recent statistics, 10-20 minutes are spent by an average user daily on LinkedIn.

4.  It can be done at scale.

There are many LinkedIn users who feel that messages are easier to manage and scale than other cold outreach. If you make 10 cold messages, it will at least cost you an hour whereas 10 LinkedIn messages will cost you just 20 minutes. It’s easy to flip back and forth messages in LinkedIn’s DM portal, letting you have multiple sales conversations at a time.

It’s high time you start using LinkedIn messaging for your business if you haven’t yet tried. A large number of business owners have started using the power of LinkedIn for sales taking benefits from its impressive user statistics.