The Ultimate Template for InMail Messaging on LinkedIn

June 4, 2021
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Linkedin Messaging

The Ultimate Template for InMail Messaging on LinkedIn

At times directly LinkedIn messaging your business associates and introducing yourself is the best way to start a relationship with them. These are our best techniques for LinkedIn InMail.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post- Beginner’s Guide to B2B Marketing on LinkedIn. InMail which is sponsored by LinkedIn is an excellent means that all businesses would have profit from if they have it in their social media arms.

InMail offers a targeted approach whereas regular social media marketing or options like posts on Facebook feels like a shot in the dark. InMail provides B2B marketing, here you send messages directly to clients you wish to target.

InMail seems to be the closest thing online marketers have to a face-to-face interaction with their clients but provided you write it clearly, precisely including direct calls to action. Email marketing is good, and is still suitable but because of InMail’s personal nature, it gets three times more replies.

The anatomy of a proven InMail message

You are ready to start crafting your InMail message after you set up your campaign in LinkedIn’s campaign manager. Here select ‘Message ad’ as your ad format.

The subject line of your InMail message should be interactive because it will be sent to a single person, and not companies. You can grab their attention immediately if you include their name in the subject line. Give them a clear call to action that lets your reader understand why you are writing this message. Phrases such as “Please come and visit”, “Know more about” or “Need help with?”

Give a brief introduction about yourself. To show your tone is friendly and personal, use custom fields to insert their first name.

Keep the body text precise- if possible write your body text in less than 500 characters. Don’t forget your motive is to attract them and note to bore them. You already provided them with a link about the service or the product you are offering. So there is no need to over explain these. Interested clients can click on the link and know whatever they want to. Yes, you should hyperlink your landing page in the message text.

Finish your message with a custom CTA button to your landing page. So that you can have the attention of as many people as possible.

The Ultimate InMail Template

If you want to connect to other businesses on LinkedIn, here is our ultimate InMail template:

Subject line: xis

Hello [First name],

I am [Your name], I work as a [Job role] at [Name of your company]. We recently started/inaugurated [Product/Service]. This will help companies by [Explain unique selling points]. Is this something you were looking for?

If you are interested in knowing more about the [Product/Service], you can find a lot of information about it on our website. Our company is all about helping other organizations excel. So, we welcome all your queries.

Looking forward to hearing from you, [Their first name]!


[Your name].