Steps to write your LinkedIn messages more effectively 

September 19, 2021
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Linkedin Messages

Steps to write your LinkedIn messages more effectively 

You don’t have to be cute and clever, when using LinkedIn to generate leads.

Rather it’s all about clarity and speed, in how much time someone can make out what you do and the services you offer. There is a full copy and paste LinkedIn profile template that can be used by you to build out your headline and the rest of your profile.

LinkedIn has become one of the best places on the planet to find out and engage with your ideal prospect effectively because of its renovated real time, one on one messaging platform. There is no doubt the secret here is you need to know what to say to make someone you just connected to on LinkedIn from new connections to clients or customers.

A copy and paste LinkedIn messaging script for you

My past six years were spent in establishing my whole business around clients and customers whom I met on LinkedIn. I can test my one-to-one messaging strategy as I have a large audience with my 17,500 connections.

The below given script is till now the most efficient and successful one created by me in 72 weeks. The best thing about this is that it’s not untrustworthy, spammy or sales-y in any way.

Let’s see why this script works out: The people you meet on LinkedIn or for that matter any other social media platform, they all want you to take permission from them before you start trying to sell them. This sales script does exactly that and it works like crazy. The most remarkable benefit of this script is that it doesn’t make people angry, offended or upset when they receive it from me.     

The script has two parts. When you message potential clients on LinkedIn and any other social media platform you can start using this approach.

Note: The aim of this script (I send it to my one-on –one connection as a LinkedIn message) is to encourage prospective customers or clients to check out my free LinkedIn lead-generation webinar.

Below is the first part of the script. Just see how conversational and friendly it is in its tone:

Hello [NAME] – hope you are doing great!

Curious – do you want to use LinkedIn to search for new clients or customers?

If yes, I have a link of great and free of course which I can send you. I can also send you “Messaging Magic”, these are some copy and paste invitation script, LinkedIn message templates and sequences.

(Note: It’s about imitating the real life, 1-on-1 conversations you have with prospects in real life using LinkedIn and not about being pushy, sales-y or spammy.)

 If you’d like to know more about its working, just reply to me with the single word “YES” and i’ll send you a link to the webinar and message scripts.

No worries even if you’re not interested.


The script has four key sections:

1.      A question was asked by you:  “curious – do you have interest in XYZ....”

2.      Value is offered by you: “if yes, I have a great (and free) XYZ.....”

3.      You ask for permission: “just respond with a single word ‘yes’ and I can send you over...”

4.      You don’t put pressure in them: “No worries even if you’re not interested”

Now, if the person replies you with a “YES” (a very easy and quick way was given to them to tell me if they wanted more info), I’ll send him this follow-up script:


This is a link to the free webinar:


(Note: You’ll get access to all the free “Messaging Magic” scripts and templates after you register on the confirmation page.)

Can’t wait to know what you feel! 

It’s fine even if they say “No”. I can move on to my next prospect as the person who said NO wasn’t ready yet. I’ll not waste my time bothering or running after the person for a response.

Even if the person takes no notice of me and doesn’t reply, it’s fine too. I’ll get back to the person in some weeks with a different message but by using the same principles I mentioned here.

Now it’s your turn

Compose your own version by using my scripts. You can do so many things like inviting people to read a blog post, download an eBook, attend a webinar, or tell them to call you for a free consultation  about the issue you mention.

This approach will work wonders for you, if what you offer is free of cost and of value and your prospect takes interest in it and you seek their permission.