Look Smart When Using LinkedIn Messaging

March 8, 2021
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Smart LinkedIn Messaging

Look Smart When Using LinkedIn Messaging

Smarter LinkedIn Messaging

I recently received so many messages from people who are seeking jobs but they do not make a great impression with how they use LinkedIn’s message app.

The problem is caused by:

·         The automatic belief by LinkedIn app (till the time you make an effort to change it) that

·         If someone presses Enter/Return key, they want to send their message.

·         We all have the habit of clicking the Enter/Return key to go to the next line in a message or other electronic devices.

As a result people send “messages” which they do not intend to send. It happened with me more than once this month that I received three or more messages (sometimes even more) in a row from the same person.

1.   “Hi, abc,”

2.   “Can you do this for.… ”

3.   “Thank you”

4.   Their name.

Sometimes the message is in form of a long paragraph like this:

Hi abc, I work as a (job title) working in (name of your company), and I plan to switch my job. I found your article on (something) very interesting. I want to (do something else). What is your opinion after going through my profile and keeping my educational qualification in mind? Looking forward to hearing soon from you. Regards, (their name).

When you see any of the two formats in your inbox, you get a feeling the person is very demanding (sending multiple messages), inexperienced or not very good at using technology. None of those will let you make a good impression, especially on someone who doesn’t know you well.

You can change that. Here is how to do that!

How TO Send Multi Paragraph Messages Using LinkedIn Messaging

There are 3 dots beside the word ‘Send’ at the bottom of the message creation box in the messaging app

A small dialogue box will be opened. It will give you an option to choose when the app will send a message. Either when you click ‘Enter’ or when you click ‘Send’ keys.

Now choose ‘Click Send’ as your option.

With this you can add extra blank lines in your message.

T will let you avoid sending multiple messages or a long paragraph. After you finish writing your message, hit the “Send” button and LinkedIn will send one message for you.

Composing an Effective Message

LinkedIn Messaging

is not a fully fledged email system. It is simply a messaging platform. So the messages are also simpler. If you want to send a proper message, you should use InMail but this is a feature reserved for paid users. Rest all of us use LinkedIn Messaging.

Assuming you have changed your LinkedIn Messaging setting as explained in the above paragraphs, these tips will surely help in sending more effective LinkedIn messages:

  There is no subject line available yet, so after salutation (“Dear abc”) write the first few lines of your message that it immediately catches your reader’s interest and the reason why you are messaging them. The first sentence is the subject line of your message

  As with emails it's best that you stick to one topic in a message. Format it like a real message. Don’t use the run in a format where there is no salutation, paragraphs or closing and signature is apparent.

  Don’t write big paragraphs. As these are seen in a small form, short paragraphs are more effective even on large monitors. Large complex sentences don’t serve your purpose in this format.

Bullet points are best to use.