LinkedIn Launched Conversation Ad To improve personalization

June 12, 2021
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Linkedin Ads"LinkedIn rolls out Conversation Ads, aimed at to improving personalization in messaging "

LinkedIn Launched Conversation Ad To improve personalization

LinkedIn is an American business and employment oriented online service which operates through websites and mobile apps. It was launched on May 5, 2003. This platform is usually used for professional networking. Since December 2006 it has been fully owned by Microsoft. As of December 2020, LinkedIn had 760 million registered users from 150 countries. Both workers and employers can create their profiles and connect to each other. An invitation can be sent by the members to anyone even if they are not already a member to become a connection.

LinkedIn is launching Conversation Ads. LinkedIn’s current Message Ads (earlier called Sponsored InMail) are the building block of ad format. It had features like full funnel campaigns with many options to customize call to action, e.g. product education, webinar sign ups, or eBook downloads.

LinkedIn announced the new ad product will be globally launched in beta format to all advertisers in next few weeks.

Here’s how Conversation Ads look like:

LinkedIn Ads
Right time to launch this feature:

Real time engagement is possible with this ad format; this means you can only send messages when the receiver is active on LinkedIn. Conversation Ads can be used by recruiters with other features – like lead gen Form and Conversation Tracking. This will help you create more leads.

Campaign setup:

When starting with Conversation Ads, any of the two objectives can be selected by the advertisers: Website visit or lead Generation. Campaign manager will provide detail click reporting and demographic reporting for the ad type. There’s uncertainty about the limit to the delivery frequency (just like for the earlier InMail unit).

Feedback from a reputed company:

The new format was successful when job search marketplace Hired tried it. Chase Gladden, Hired’s growth marketing manager told there were more deserving candidates available using the new ad format. There was five times higher clickthrough than what was earlier. This shows when you’re able to give multiple opportunities to click, the level of engagement is very high.

Impact of new format:

Customers can choose their own path in Conversation Ads depending on the CTA which is most appropriate for them e.g. registering for a seminar or downloading an ebook. You can send these ads only to currently active LinkedIn users. This increases probability of engagement.

The new format is most profitable for B2B advertisers. Those who have a big purchase cycle and many stakeholders included in buying decisions. Customers can select the content that’s most applicable to their current state.

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