LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads Messaging-Based Ad Format

April 13, 2021
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Linkedin Messaging

LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads Messaging-Based Ad Format

Conversation Ads Messaging: LinkedIn’s Soon To Be Launched Features

A new massage based ad format called Conversation Ads will soon be launched by LinkedIn. These are most suitable for B2B marketers who want to transform their conversations into conversions.

These days more and more people have started having personal connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will launch a new ad format that takes advantage of this. This will allow entrepreneurs/recruiters to have conversations with their clients through messaging.

"The new Conversation Ads format builds on LinkedIn Message Ads. It was earlier called Sponsored InMail. It allows the advertisers to use several custom-call-to-actions to create a “choose your own path” experience and create “full funnel campaigns” e.g. product education, seminar sign ups, and even eBook downloads.


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In the announcement made by LinkedIn last week about the new ad format, it revealed that the Conversation Ads include different types of options to help you create more customized content depending on where you’re going to be client is in the customer’s journey. The ads are designed in such a way that your prospects and customers can choose the content they find most interesting for them. This can instantly drive high quality engagements for you.

Conversation Ads, a new messaging based ad format will be soon launched by LinkedIn. This will help advertisers turn conversations with prospects into conversions. 

Conversation Ads can be used with other LinkedIn advertising features by advertisers. Advertisers can turn conversations into conversions by using features like Lead Gen Forms and Conversion Tracking.

In the new format, messages can be sent only when a user is actually active on LinkedIn because it is designed for real time engagement. B2B marketers will benefit most from Conversation Ads. It is so because B2B marketers focus on turning their conversations with leads to conversions.

In a few weeks, Conversation Ads will be launched globally as a public beta. It will be available in all languages for all advertisers.


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