Keep Calm & Message On: LinkedIn Group Messaging Still Free

May 31, 2021
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Linkedin Groups Messaging

Keep Calm & Message On: LinkedIn Group Messaging Still Free

Last week there were so many tweets, blog posts and online discussions that created confusion if you would still be able to send free messages to your group mates on LinkedIn. I will share authentic screenshots to show what is still free for everyone and what will not be free LinkedIn Recruiter license holders.

According to me the uncertainty started with an email LinkedIn recently sent out to Recruiter license holders. Through this email LinkedIn wanted to explain that they will be disabling the ability to send free InMails to group members from LinkedIn Recruiter.

Due to the online discussions there are some people who wrongly interpreted the email to mean that nobody can send free messages to their group mates on in future

My confusion was cleared by LinkedIn’s tweet.

HireOnLinkedIn @HireonLinkedIn 

@triciarcruiter @GlenCathey sorry for the confusion! You can still send free messages to fellow group members from LinkedIn.


HireOnLinkedIn @HireonLinkedIn

@trciarcruiter @GlenCathey  ....those using Recruiter will no longer be able to send free InMails to group members from Recruiter.

When I started writing this post, there were so many people I know who claimed they spoked with LinkedIn representatives. According to the people I know the representatives told then that LinkedIn would eliminate group messaging for everyone. I decided to check with @HireOnLinkedIn one last time; even though I was sure that she knew her stuff:

Glen Cathey @GlenCathey

@HireOnLinkedIn Are you “positive” free group messaging isn’t going away for all users? Several people claiming LI reps have said so.....

Hire on Linkedin

 I received an email from a Senior LinkedIn PMM within 2 hours of that tweet. This email carried clarifications from various LinkedIn officials. This very well clarified that free group messaging on LinkedIn isn’t going anywhere:

 As you have noticed (and commented in social media), we have disable the ability to send FREE InMails to Fellow group Members from Linked Recruiter. This change is only applicable to LinkedIn Recruiter customers (not LinkedIn members).


when the feature was launched in Linkedin Recruiter several years ago, the intention was to provide members with an opportunity to connect and share ideas within groups while enabling recruiters to participate and find talent. Based on a recent analysis, we have noticed that this feature is being used in ways we hadn’t anticipated, often creating negative experiences for both members and recruiters.

Here are some additional clarification points.

1. Free Group messaging is and WILL CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE to all LinkedIn members

2. All group members can continue to send messages to fellow group members on

3. LinkedIn Recruiter customers CAN continue to send InMails to fellow group members but these InMails will be deducted from their allotted InMail credits.

Finally to answer your tweet: free group messaging isn’t going away for any member.

Hope this clarifies any confusion.

This has surely cleared things for me.

Screenshots: LinkedIn InMails to Fellow Group Members

You will not get this feature for free anymore- from LinkedIn Recruiter ONLY.

This is what you would have seen when attempted to send a message to anyone with whom you shared a group before the intended changes by LinkedIn:

When the changes will be done by LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter will see this, even if they got have a group in common:

Screenshots: Free LinkedIn Group Messaging

If you are a part of a group on LinkedIn and you want to send a message to one of your group members. You will be able to send free messages to them even if they are not connected to you except the mutual group. The only condition that your receiver should not have disabled the feature.

After you click “send message,” you will see this:

So keep calm and message on.

There is a setting which lets you stop receiving messages from other group members. You can find these messaging settings here: