Is LinkedIn Social Strategy Important for You

October 24, 2021
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Linkedin Social Strategy

Is LinkedIn Social Strategy Important for You

Is LinkedIn Social Strategy Important for You

How does a good LinkedIn selling strategy look in reality?

These days social selling on LinkedIn is a hot topic. You might have heard people talking around you about “social selling”. There are chances you have got some blurred suggestion about how to do it. Here I will tell you what LinkedIn selling really looks like and the strategies you should follow so that you can be successful at it.

Every tool or strategy that will be mentioned here by me is free except a LinkedIn sales navigator subscription (highly recommended).

You only have to do the work. Moreover, if you are thinking on what are the bases of my advice- the strategies which were used by us to help companies grow. Over 40% of new business has been sourced from or been verifiably influenced from by LinkedIn (mostly sourced directly through LinkedIn) in the past one and a half years.

Does LinkedIn Selling Suits Your Company

The first question – do you think is LinkedIn even a worthwhile sales channel for you?

By using a variety of sales and marketing channels we help B2B companies generate leads.

Is your target market on LinkedIn? This is a litmus test to check if LinkedIn is effective enough as a sales channel.

That’s about it.

You have to have a LinkedIn strategy if the decision-makers in your target market are active users on LinkedIn.


See how many people you can find that match your target persona by using LinkedIn sales navigator. 

Now that’s your audience. You need to connect and engage with these people.

Circulate Content to Your LinkedIn Feed

Circulate beneficial, thoughtful, personal content which is professionally relevant.

People will only buy from you if they trust you.

Are you having in -depth knowledge about your industry? Do you have some unique stories about your career path? How did you reach where you are today? Are there any mistakes you made from which other people can learn?

Circulate this content on your LinkedIn field. Make full use of the 1300 characters you get to tell your story. You shouldn’t make it an advertisement for your product, service or blog.

What you are seeking here is the clicks from LinkedIn. You want real human beings to be engaged in your network.

Feel as if you are the brand and circulate professionally appropriate personal content rather than being professional. Be personal and original while still relating content that your network will find professionally appropriate.

Make your network feel when they engage with you, they are interacting with a real person and not a faceless company. 

Check out the intro of the below given profile:


Sales people are Challengers and not order takers.

But everything is not known to us.

So what will you do when someone wants to buy something from you at….see more

If you’re in B2B sales and it pops up on your screen, this automatically becomes relevant for you. It’s personal so you don’t feel you are going to read an ad. You aren’t. ABC doesn’t mention his company’s post or what he does.

This is all about what we preach and what we practice: People will check out on you if they are keen to know what you want to say. 

Take Part In Others Content

When you aren’t publishing any content on LinkedIn, show your presence on LinkedIn by following and commenting on people’s posts within your network. Engage the people in your market who are active on LinkedIn. Most probably, this will encourage them with your content. The advantage of doing this is your profile will be put in front of their audience (assume you say something valuable).

Whatever I said above doesn’t mean you start spamming “Nice post” on hundreds of different posts every day. No; post real comments that help to keep conversations going and you would stand by what you posted if you met that person in real life. You’ll actually start connecting with the people you interact with if you engage with your network on a regular basis.

You can get visibility in your network with the help of comments. Whenever you post a comment, few things are done by it:

1. It is shared across your network.

2.  It shares the post you’ve commented across your network (it builds goodwill with the person who wrote it).

You also have to understand that you shouldn’t engage with the content that isn’t appropriate to your network. People will stop following you if they see that you are posting a lot of worthless content. Your aim should be to engage in content which has the capacity to add value to your network.


And don’t forget, if people are leaving comments on a post written by you, make sure to respond to them. Engage them. Don’t make your social engagement look as if you are trying to hack LinkedIn. Just a friendly reminder you are not. Treat it as a valuable platform where you can engage with people who are in or influential in your industry (because that’s exactly what it is).

You’re Profile Will Do the Selling for You

How can you do social selling on LinkedIn without being forceful?

This is the point where I frequently feel confused. According to me, it is due to the phrase “social selling”. People are uncertain if they should sell or just be social. In the end, they do nothing. 

The secret is to allow your profile to highlight the value proposition for your company. Make use of your profile and headline to tell who you help, what you do and, and how you do it. When your network sees that you are adding value to it, people will be so interested in knowing about you and what you do.

If you write your headline says, “I help Vps of HR….” You can guess who’ll see these with keen interest. Yes. The VPs of HR will be interested in your profile. You can be double sure of this if they’ve interacted with you on a positive note through content that’s relevant for VPs of HR. 

The Meaning of Social Selling is Starting Real Conversations

Let’s do some real LinkedIn social selling. You should be connected with appropriate people in your industry when you’re circulating content. Find and connect with people by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Always keep your focus on starting real conversation when you’re searching for people through LinkedIn sales navigator, your content feed, and your first degree connections. Send customized connection requests. Your customized message should be short and simple. It should focus on how connecting with each other will benefit both of you.

Always keep your focus on starting real conversation when you’re searching for people through LINS, your content feed, and your first degree connections. The real conversations don’t mean you have to send your sales pitch to everyone. A very small space is given to you by LinkedIn to give reason for connecting. You should use cold email for longer messages which discuss your product or service.


When it comes to LinkedIn it’s best when you use your professional curiosity to start one to one conversations and engage people who are in your network. Ask appropriate questions. When people interact with you, they’ll get to know what kind of difficulties your company solves, but only if you have optimized your profile to show this. You don’t have to push it in their faces in your very first conversations.


These types of communication fetch you amazing results in B2B enterprise sales where relationships play an important role. The secret is to build real relationships with people in your network. Not only conversations that you only consider success when you are able to make a sale.

You might have realized by now that I’m deliberately avoiding any particular conversation starter in this post. This is so because every conversation will be different between you and another person. You can’t have a magic wand question or response get people to open up. Today is an era of automation and automated messages but people respond more and more positively to messages which are written by a real, living, breathing human being.

The Results of LinkedIn Selling     

Do you think LinkedIn selling is more complicated than all that?

In some ways, no.

Yes it is certain that a lot can be done by you. You can go a long way only if you do what I've discussed here. Using this strategy we’ve started so many sales conversations and generated millions in actual closed won revenue.

Obviously, there is so much more to LinkedIn than I’ve mentioned here and the details are important. Don’t use a one-size-fits-all message, post or template. The crux of the strategy is to put an effort and do the work.

Companies make a number of mistakes with their LinkedIn B2B marketing on a regular basis.

Be human and use LinkedIn the way it was designed – this secret to avoid these and finding success on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a beneficial social platform for business leaders and professionals.