How to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Get Read

February 4, 2021
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How to write linkedin messages perfectly

How to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Get Read

Picture yourself in a Networking event, you come across someone whom you are not familiar with but would want to. Maybe the person has the same interests as you, or he has a project you want to become a part of.

Will you ever go to them and shoot your queries or request for any favor, without even introducing yourself?

Most probably your answer will be No but this is so usual on LinkedIn.

The most surprising thing about LinkedIn is it lets you get connected face to face with almost everyone who is registered on it. However, there are lots of people who waste this precious opportunity by sending small or automatic messages which do not give any reasons to the sender for replies like ‘Can you do me a favor?’ or ‘I want to connect with you on LinkedIn.’ These are listless and unprincipled, and most likely you will not get a reply.

Give some more time in creating a customized line, then the probability of you receiving a response. Give these four steps a try in creating a LinkedIn Message which really gets read.

1.  Begin with a particular Heading

Before starting yourself the question that how you know him/her and why are you messaging them? Do you know the person and want some guidance from them? Are they someone with whom you have given your number and wish to know any more? Or someone whom you don’t even know but wishes to.

By using that knowledge, create a sentence with a particular subject, e.g. ``We met last week at a party’ has a more possibility to be read than ‘Look into’ “We are in the same profession and I would like to collaborate with you and bring changes” is a lot more impactful than ‘I love your thoughts.’ You should not even think of this.

Previous year I used LinkedIn InMail to get some guidance from an unknown person. Starting my message with Hi or Hello would have been a time waster and a waste of making a first impression. So I started with ‘I am your fellow who is seeking advice.’


2.  Tell about Yourself

When you meet a stranger, but you wish to know them and want to establish relations with them. So what you do is that you introduce yourself in a single sentence: “Hi I am xyz, we met last month at a party.” Or “Hello I am xyz, I loved your latest post about wildlife.”

Don’t even think of skipping this step on LinkedIn. If you suppose that the other person would make an effort to go on your profile to know about you or to see how you came to know about their profile- be realistic (and give value to everyone’s time) and write a short note about yourself.

The very beginning of InMail read, “Hi, I am xyz. I also write posts on Nature and I loved your latest post on wildlife.”

It doesn’t matter if you use this introduction to give details about your common connection, or where you last saw each other, or your commonalities, giving particular contact in your introduction gives an impression of seriousness from your side about the new connections you wish to start.

LinkedIn Connections

3.  State your why really quick

If you talk about emails, the saying Shorter the Better is always true. These days people are so busy in their schedules that they can lose interest in a jiffy if you write a dull message about your achievements or your resume will give a very wrong impression.

Don’t forget that the second paragraph is the main part of your message. Be fast and come to the point why are you writing this message. ‘Wish to Connect’ doesn’t work. Why do you want to be in touch? Do you want to invite them on your book launch? Or do you wish to seek their advice in your business?

An important point to keep in mind is that what you are asking for should be in sync with your relation with them.

4.  Finish Your Message with a Thank You

The ending lines are most crucial moments- ‘I will inform you within a few days.’ It looks nice but it’s vague. So be clear in what you are saying.

Please provide feedback or recommendations. I really appreciate your time. Keep in mind you are asking for a saver from a stranger or almost a stranger. So Thank you is important.

These are some steps which lets you add someone on LinkedIn.  Reduce the wordings in every step. It takes a bit more time than an automatic message but the possibility of these getting a result is more.