How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn Message (With 5 Templates)

February 15, 2021
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Linkedin Message Templates

How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn Message (With 5 Templates)


One more time your LinkedIn Message went unnoticed by one of your major connections.

How come it is so difficult to change them for potential clients?

Not at all! Here, I will guide how to form a message that leaves an everlasting impact and cracks big businesses for you.

1.   Founding Connections

2.   Working on Contacts

3.   The Arena

4.   Further Steps

5.   The Suggestions

So it’s time to get into details and transform you into a LinkedIn superhero.

1.   Building Connections

Building Strategy

Benjamin Strusnik

Hi abc,

I saw your reaction on a recent post on LinkedIn and we both have a mutual connection named pqrs, I hope these reasons are sufficient to send a connection request.

LinkedIn message sent by Benjamin Strusnik, who founded the link building agency Golden Web.

Benjamin Strusnik who founded the link building agency Golden Web told me that the acceptance rate of his connection requests was 60-70%.

There was uniqueness in Benjamin’s customized message.

It was evident that he did deep research on my profile- it showed as a sincere effort. The moment I finished reading it, I was left with one option that was to click Accept.

Pro Tips: there is a possibility that you will not be able to make your first profit there and then after your first reach out, so it's better you don’t give details about your business right away.

On the other hand, you should search for common grounds to grab their attention.


Benjamin did this through three means:

·         Same profession

·         Common links

·         A post on LinkedIn in which you both were interested

There are some more means by which you can find common grounds. Three more examples:

·         Hobby – ‘When I was going through your LinkedIn profile, I came to know about your reading as your hobby. I felt as if I found a piece of my heart.’

·         Social service – ‘I came across in your LinkedIn profile. So am I.’

·         Blogs – ‘I read your recent blog on environment. I myself am an environmentalist so I 100% agree with what you wrote.’


Hello abc (Receiver’s name)

When I was reading your LinkedIn profile I noticed (Mention some common grounds like you are part of a common group on LinkedIn, somebody you both know, share the same profession). [Clarify in short how all these relate to you].

Hope all these reasons are sufficient to build connections with you.

[Signs off]

2.   Jack Reamer who founded Emails That Sell sent a LinkedIn message.

Using this approach Jack Reamer gets a 60% response rate.

Jack Reamer

You both are member of a group

Hi abc,

I had some questions about sales

I just wanted to know what our fellow’s think about it.

Jack’s message is about a subject on whom the receiver has (the receiver even resonates with it): Sales

His LinkedIn message is of receiver’s interest – it also asks for what they think about that subject (i.e. cold emails with personalized messages) regularly talked about in the industry.

Pro Tip: This opportunity should be used to go on with your discussion and encourage them to be deeply involved with you in future. This can be done by asking them to answer open ended questions and questions seeking their opinions.

If like Jack Reamer you also provide email copyright services, then you can shoot them with questions like

·         “What is so difficult in writing cold emails?”

·         “I am looking for someone who is interested in this service. (Explain services) are you interested in this?”

·         “What can be done to add value?”

You never know from their answers, you might get valuable insights about the audience you plan to target.


Hi abc (Receiver’s name)

I have [mentioned something common about you both] a question for you.

Do you believe in this personally [something currently happening at your workplace. Or topics which are widely debated]?

[Signs off]

P.S.: I want to know what our other group members [mention groups you both are part of] think of this. 

3.  The Pitch

Travis Bennett

Hi abc,

I recently introduced a website.

If you already have a website, send it to me so that I can tell what I feel about you.

If not, let us get connected and see what can be done.

Happy to help!

Travis Bennett who founded Studio Digital sent a LinkedIn message.

In 42 messages, he converted 3 contacts in paying clients.

His thinking matched with his client’s mood. In addition to this there was also a free offer involved. He sent it to people who were already familiar to him, this made it more effective.

Pro Tip: Send this only to your first degree connections, that too only to those who fit your criteria [e.g. car manufacturers] and with whom you already have a strong relationship.

Next, clearly tell about your services which add value to their lives and strikes a chord with them.

Value added is different for different people.

Ideally, it should generate an immediate action from the receiver’s end.


Hi abc [prospect] ,

I recently introduced a [tell about your service] for [tell your target audience] to [objective].

Details about your services link, website etc

Have a good day.

[Signs off]

4.   Further steps

Linkedin Message Templates

Jack Reamer sent a follow up message.

25% of his connections responded to his follow up message. (They did not reply to his first message)

Hi, hello etc is so boring instead some humor can be used to surprise them.

Pro Tip: People get tired of hearing the same words again and again, as alternative GIFs can be used. This can help you recapture your client’s attention.

They create an emotional impact.

5.   The Suggestions

Linkedin Message Templates

Esther Locke sent a LinkedIn message.

Your relations do not end with the completion of a project.

You get two fold help if you invite your clients to write LinkedIn recommendations

·         You make our clients believe that you deliver results. Next time, they want something they will automatically think of you.

·         They also attract other clients when their recommendations get live on your LinkedIn profile.

Locke told me it was easy to write because I had to repeat my old testimonies and also a recommendation in return.

Pro Tip: We need to learn these three things from Locke’s message

·         Give your clients prompts so that they don’t have to think too much, e.g.

“Can you write your favorite moment when we worked together as a testimonial on LinkedIn?”

“I was thinking if you are willing to share a testimonial on LinkedIn. How you felt when we both worked together?”

·         Don’t forget to write a recommendation for them as a Thank you gesture.

# Reciprocal marketing is a win a win situation.

·          Make it simple

When you are sending your request, go back to your LinkedIn profile, search for recommendations section, and click Ask for a recommendation.

Why do I do this?

Your recommendation request appears right after your message, ensuring message flow.

Hi abc.

I was wondering if you would mind writing a testimonial on LinkedIn about how you felt about the time we worked together. I would be glad to do the same for you.

(Provide link)

Thank you!

Now the only thing your client has to do is click on the link and write. It will save their time of going to your profile and searching for the recommendation section.

Steps which can be avoided should be done away with. Make your client’s work as easy as you can.

Make writing a feedback fun filled activity.


Hi abc,

As you already know it was a pleasure working with you (project). (tell about moments you loved, what you learnt etc).

I was wondering if you would mind writing a testimonial on LinkedIn about how you felt about the time we worked together.

 I would be glad to do the same for you.

<Optional>to save your time and energy, I have attached a draft of testimonial based on your previous feedback you wrote for me. You can use this if you wish to.


I know writing a testimonial can be a tedious task in your busy schedules. To make your work easy, I drafted some fill in the blanks; you just have to fill in those. Based on your answers, I will design a testimonial and send it to you for your approval.

Thank you!

(Signs off)