How to Utilize LinkedIn’s New Messaging Platform

March 18, 2021
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LinkedIn’s New Messaging Platform

How to Utilize LinkedIn’s New Messaging Platform

LinkedIn has done something amazing.

If you pay heed to what I’m going to tell you, it will result in making selling on the world’s largest social network for professionals easy and fun for you.  

Before I disclose what LinkedIn’s bold new move is, allow me to take your few minutes to give you a glance of what million years of psychological researches (and common sense) have revealed about human nature:

·         We love to laugh.

·         We love to get entertained.

·         We love surprises.

·         We love to express our emotions.

·         We love personal and friendly conversations with each other.

LinkedIn Messages: People Matter

I want to ask you something- when was the last time you sent (or received) a message related to business that included the things I listed above?

If we make a mistake of considering someone purely as our business associate rather than a real human, we miss a chance to increase our sales. (And honestly, to be a good human being!)

We also, I think, commit a mistake when we believe people only want data loaded, dull conversations rather than some sort of personal communications through messages.

It has proven by sales research beyond a doubt that people buy when they are emotional. Later on we use data or logics to justify our purchase to us or to others.

The Big Reveal

Here’s where LinkedIn’s big change comes in.

For people who missed it, LinkedIn has fully renovated and redesigned its on-site messaging platform. If you haven’t got access to it then you will soon have it both through LinkedIn App and the desktop version.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn has really tried very hard to make the personal messages we send to others more fun.

Just think about how you interact with your friends through messages. It is fun, it’s chatty, and it is a two way communication. Sometimes you even use pictures or animated GIFs to explain your point or share your feelings.

LinkedIn Messages Tip: Blend Personal and Professional!

Well, now you can do all that with LinkedIn’s new messaging system with ease, and it’s an excellent business move.

Note: just because it allows you to send images and videos, it doesn’t mean you start sending it to all your contacts.

Rather, try and mix personal and professional. You still have to give whichever information you have to someone, but you can add a bit of entertainment while doing it.

It can be called ‘info-tainment’ and trust me it does wonders online.

I understand you may not appreciate joking around and sending funny GIFs depending on you and your audience.

But there is something we should not forget: The receiver of your LinkedIn message is still a human. And as I earlier mentioned humans love to smile and laugh. Every human wants to be noticed, respected, recognized and appreciated. They want to talk about themselves.

When you want to sell more of your product or services, hyper personalized, 1-on-1 marketing is the secret of success.

Use it now!