How to Use LinkedIn Messages

February 8, 2021
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How to Use LinkedIn Messages

How to Use LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn has given us a technology to send and receive personal messages that can be received in your LinkedIn mailbox. Only 1st degree connections can send and receive messages. For other levels of connections, you can choose In Mail by paying for a LinkedIn Premium account per month.

Thus you can receive messages from anyone if they are really desperate. Luckily, you get messages mainly from your connections.

The question is why do you want to send a personal message to a connection? This might be a possibility that you don’t have that person’s email address and you want to be in touch with them. Or you may want to have their approval or reference, which can be done through a personal message. You can also connect with someone from your group to discuss things further or to connect.

Below are the steps to send a LinkedIn Messages

1.  Messages Icon can be clicked from the top right of any LinkedIn page. Message Icon appears as an envelope.

2.  Go to New on the left side of the Message dashboard and click.

3.  Write Sender’s Name into the box.

4.  Type the topic you want to discuss in the Subject box.

5.  Write your message in Type Your Message field.

6.  Go to Send Message and click it after finishing your message.