How to Share Location on Linkedin Messaging

May 15, 2021
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Linkedin Location

How to Share Location on Linkedin Messaging

LinkedIn continues its persistent push for feature expansion within their platform. The last few days has brought more news about new features. So what’s the latest news? It’s that now the LinkedIn user would be able to share their current location with others. Chris Szeto, who is Senior Director of Product for messenger and groups at LinkedIn, gave a statement that the members would benefit from this feature as they can coordinate a meeting spot easily. He explained the key to connecting offline is to coordinate a place to meet. 

So how will it work? This feature will let members use LinkedIn Messaging for sending their current location, or search for and send a particular meeting spot. There is a possibility that you might feel this feature is interfering with your privacy but it is assured by LinkedIn that you can only send your “one time” location. That too you can send your location to your 1st degree connections only. The LinkedIn help article which wrote about the feature stated that an important thing to note is that after you send the message to your connection, LinkedIn won’t track your location. Your one time location will be saved in your message to your connection, but there is no other way LinkedIn would collect or store any location data.

LinkedIn’s Unstoppable Advancement

It seems LinkedIn is taking the demands of it’s users seriously. As it was explained by Szeto that feature will help them to easily coordinate a meeting. It will also save their time and energy they earlier spent on switching between different apps just to share a chosen meeting spot. LinkedIn again stressed it that your location won’t be tracked by it after you send a message to your connection. So in case you choose to send a single static location by typing it in an address, your current location won’t be tracked by LinkedIn. At any time, users can choose to deactivate location permissions for the LinkedIn app from their mobile device’s settings. There are some people on social media who do not feel comfortable in the era of not-so-private social landscape; this deactivating feature is for them.

You can use this feature by tapping map pin icon, you’ll find it in the message compose box, in the IOS and Android LinkedIn app, now search for a meeting place here. Then send it to any of your chosen connections.

One more useful feature is attached with this location-sharing feature. With LinkedIn Messaging, now you can even send attachments and voice messages to your 1st degree connection directly from your device. In the same way as apps like Facebook does. You can send location from the mobile device only, but on the recipient side, it will be available both on desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn.

As more and more social conversations are taking place in private messages it is logical that LinkedIn is making an effort to increase engagement through the Messenger app. With each passing day their market share is growing the business-oriented social site wants to bring the conversations to their platform. Only time will tell if this feature increases “let’s do coffee” type of conversations with potential clients on messenger.