How to Send Video in LinkedIn Messages – 3 Simple Steps

March 31, 2021
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Linkedin Video Messages

How to Send Video in LinkedIn Messages – 3 Simple Steps

LinkedIn suggests that InMail messages get 10-25% replies, which is higher than emails. The two main reasons for this increased replies are:

1.  People use LinkedIn to connect and learn. One of the best features of LinkedIn is you can see when your contacts are live, so you can message them at a time when they are thinking about business/career goals and how they can achieve them.

2.  Your message shows your professional profile. Your clients can know more about you, your company, your experience and skills with a single click. Seeing this they can select or reject you and get back to whatever they were doing.

These benefits are real. Social selling has resulted in your decision makers’ LinkedIn inboxes full just like their email inboxes. You and your message have to stand out from the crowd if you want to capture the advantages provided by LinkedIn and earn the attention of your hard to reach clients.

The best and the only way to win over the LinkedIn inbox (and clients in general) is to make your messages very interesting which leaves a long lasting impact just like you would do in interpersonal interaction.

BombBomb helps you do all this and make videos simple to record, embed and send personal videos through LinkedIn InMail.

There is no better method to make notice you and to make you point clear than face-to-face messages. This is the best way to show people they are important.

When we add a personal touch to digitalization, it improves our communication and connections.

Engage Prospects More Effectively-Send Videos in LinkedIn

You can record yourself, your screen, or a combination of both swiftly and without any trouble. Then insert these videos in LinkedIn messages to make your messages personalize and scale your best sales asset i.e. YOU.

A simple video delivers your facial expression, voice, the points you want your clients to understand, your energy and much more in a far better manner than a bland, typed out text you earlier relied on.


Record or Select a Video for your LinkedIn Message

After downloading the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension, you can press the BombBomb logo in your extension toolbar. Without leaving LinkedIn your BombBomb Video Recorder will get activated.

Services provided by BombBmb:

·         A webcam and/or screen capture video can be recorded.

·         A video from your library can be shared.

·         You can edit your camera/mic settings.

Your video is uploaded while you are recording it. This is possible due to BombBomb’s proprietary video tech. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for your video to be ready to send.

You talk 4x faster and leave more impact than a typed message. Considering this, you will actually save your time with this!

Customize Your Video Thumbnail

You will have the option to save, re-record or customize your thumbnail, when you hit stop on your video. Your video will be saved as your BombBomb Video by LinkedIn with a random frame. You can give a context to your video by customizing its thumbnail. This in turn will arouse your clients’ interest in whatever you offer.

Video Library

It is recommended you use a whiteboard, sticky note, iPad, or another writing surface with your client’s name on it. This will make them feel that the video was created just for them.

You can apply a custom, still image thumbnail to your video. By using the ‘thumbnail’ button, you can capture a new thumbnail with your webcam. Capture and save a new image immediately by clicking the thumbnail. Do it as many times as you want till you get your desired results.

Click ‘Save’ whenever you are ready.

Copy and Paste Your Video

When you are done with customizing your thumbnail and saving your video, now it’s time you paste your video in your LinkedIn message. You will want to use the “Copy URL” option to do this in a proper manner.

With LinkedIn InMail, it will show a link purview to the person you are sending the message. Your link will “unfurl” when you paste the URL in your message. Now your BombBomb video thumbnail will be shown as a button which can be clicked along with any text you wrote in the message.

By clicking on the video, your client will be redirected to your BombBomb Video page. We have developed our pages to deliver your messages to a targeted audience. It is just you and your message because we deliver no ads, no diverted exit links or pictures, no video suggestions etc.

Establishing strong relationships on the world's largest professional platform was never so easy.

Humanize your LinkedIn Message

Request a demo of BombBomb Video today if you are ready to shift from a faceless text which gets ignored the majority of the time to a real person who is distinguished in LinkedIn inbox. With BombBomb videos start getting face to face at scale up with clients who will prove to be most beneficial for your business.