How to send Professional message to a recruiter on LinkedIn

June 16, 2021
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Message to Recruiter on LinkedIn

How to send Professional message to a recruiter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. It is one of the fastest growing social networks. It helps people to find and share opportunities every day. LinkedIn is a platform where you can showcase your skills , experiences to everyone , who are connected with you or apply to jobs that match your personality or conditions. LinkedIn is an Individual platform. LinkedIn helps to connect individuals from one place to another. Many of your contacts are already on LinkedIn and you can reconnect with them . 

Steps to send Professional Message on LinkedIn :-  

So today we are bringing to you the steps on how to send a professional message on LinkedIn. These are very simple and easy to follow and implementing these steps will surely help you in writing your message.

Linkedin Messages

1. Try to keep your content short and crisp - While you are writing the message try to stick to the point. Try to break down your whole agenda into 3 to 4 lines or maximum 4 to 5 lines. Do not make it longer than that . When you are writing a long message the chances are that the person whom you are sending this to will not be interested in reading such a long message. They have a lot of work to do. They get hundreds  of texts every day so it becomes very difficult to read such long messages. What happens when it is a huge paragraph, it takes a lot of time and one is not likely to waste 15 to 20 minutes reading that particular message .  So eventually people are going to move ahead and push it to reply later  because in those 15 to 20 minutes  they could have replied to more people . So try to keep your content short and crisp because here the chances of getting a reply is high. 

2. Keep it simple and don't make any grammatical errors - When you are sending messages try to keep it professional. It creates a good impression on the receiver . Do not use any technical jargon because it creates confusion between the sender and the receiver of the message. Do not use any short forms , because these things seem very unprofessional. These are the things that the receiver will notice. Try to properly articulate what you are trying to say , avoid making any grammatical errors as well. Your message should convey what you are trying to say. You should frame your message and sentences properly. Check it once you have written the message.

3.You have to stay patient - It may happen that if you are trying to approach someone their inbox might be already  flooded with hundreds of texts. So you have to wait for them to reply. Don't keep on sending them texts to reply. They might be busy or have some work that's why they are not replying. Be patient , keep calm. This may also happen that  they might have read your message but they are trying to figure out what to say or that they are thinking and afterwards they are going to reply. They also want to give you the best advice possible . So it may take a while for them to reply but don't lose hope and wait for a few days.

4. Stay Engaged and proper articulation -  You have to be active on LinkedIn then only you can make strong connections. You have to keep on engaging and having conversations with different individuals. Start engaging, that is how you can make health connections and those connections can prove to be useful in your near future. Start liking , and sharing stories . Try to be focused when you are writing something. It should have an impact on the individuals who will be reading your posts and most importantly try to help others to make some strong and long lasting connections. So these are the points that you have to keep in mind.

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