How to Send a LinkedIn Message to Absolutely Anyone

February 17, 2021
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How to Send a LinkedIn Message to Absolutely Anyone

LinkedIn is best for sales people. They search for clients, become part of various groups, and regularly update their profiles. Another very useful feature is to message useful material to your connections.

But the question is what will you do if you have specific information which you want to share with a particular person on LinkedIn? How can you message them if you are a 2nd or 3rd connection or even out of your network? How to deal with InMail?

These are some easy steps to message anyone on LinkedIn

1.  Sending messages to your connections.

Step1. Go to your connection’s profile on LinkedIn.

Step2. There, click the blue ‘Message’ button on the top.

Step3. Write a message and send by pressing enter.

Abc sent you a recommendation

Check recommendation

2.  Sending messages to 2nd degree connections.

Ø  What is a 2nd degree connection on LinkedIn?

It means the sender and the receiver are direct connections of the same person. E.g. abc and xyz are not connected with each other, but both of them are connected to pqrs, they will be shown as 2nd degree connections on LinkedIn when viewed by others.

You will be able to send messages to 2nd degree connections without actually being connected, if you have access to LinkedIn InMail. Click the “InMail” button on their profile to compose the message.

In case you don’t have access to InMail, you can still send messages to 2nd degree connections by following these simple steps.

Step1. Go to the LinkedIn profile of your connection whom you want to send a message.

Step2. At the top of their profile there is a blue ‘Connect’ button, click it.

Step3. Compose your message and explain why you are messaging them, like you both have a common hobby, you like the books of the same author, or someone you both know. When you are ready to submit your request, click “Send Invitation.”

Hey abc,

I loved your recent post on natural disasters. I would like to connect to you on LinkedIn.

Step4. When they accept your request, you will be able to send messages to them by following simple steps mentioned in section 1 of this article.

3.  Sending messages to 3rd degree connections.

Step1. Go to LinkedIn profile of your connection

Step2. Check if you can see their first and last name.

Step3. If both names are available, you can send them an invitation with a blue “Connection” button. Once your request is accepted, you can compose your message by following simple steps mentioned in section 1 of this article.

If you can only see the first letter of their last name, you can’t use the “Connect” feature- but still you may be able to use InMail to contact them.

4.  Sending messages to LinkedIn group members.

Step1. Visit the group you both are part of.

Step2. Search for the connection you want to message from the hyperlinked “members” list on the group's homepage.

Step3. There is a “Message” button next to your connection’s list, click that.

Step4. Compose and send your message to the connection, without leaving the group- InMail and invitation not needed.

Ø  What is InMail on LinkedIn?

Premium account users have access to InMail service on LinkedIn. Even if you are not connected to someone on LinkedIn, you can still send them a message through InMail. Your Premium subscription decides your InMail credits. But there are some LinkedIn members whom you can’t message through InMail also.

5.  Sending messages to out-of-network connections.

Step1. Go to the LinkedIn profile of your connection.

Step2. You can’t send messages to out-of-network connections through InMail, so you have to use the “Connect” button.

Step3. When you are connected, use simple steps mentioned in section 1 of this article to send a message.

 LinkedIn is a very useful platform for salespeople as they can search for their clients and build long lasting relations with them.