How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Connection Request

April 29, 2021
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LinkedIn Connection Requests

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Connection Request

Do you know the eleven mind-numbing words in English language?

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Apart from using a silly LinkedIn profile photo, the biggest mistake you can commit on LinkedIn is using the default connection request message. You can only make an unlimited number of LinkedIn connections if you use this default connection request message.

So what’s the secret you should use on LinkedIn to get people to connect with you and your brand? Here, I’ll elaborate the steps to write an overwhelming LinkedIn connection request.

But before that, we’ll have a quick look at the three different ways you can use to develop your LinkedIn network.

1. Start Connecting With People You Already Know.  

For beginners, it’s an easy and good way to begin with.

This step is so very easy. LinkedIn is used by millions of people whom you already know.

Find your way to LinkedIn’s Add Connections page. Write your email address here and it will start the process of importing contacts from your personal email account. (So many people out there use this feature only once, but you have to use it again and again and you’ll be surprised by seeing the number of new contacts you haven’t already connected to.)

When you are done with this process LinkedIn will allow you to choose from dozens or maybe even hundreds of people you know but haven’t still connected to.

But wait! Don’t be in a hurry to press “Add X Selected connection(s)”button.


Invitations sent from this screen will be that uninteresting, personal default invitation message.

After you are done reading this article, you can use my effective formula for LinkedIn requests.

Will the basic LinkedIn message be accepted by some of the people you know? Of course. But the problem is you want to write a tempting LinkedIn connection for those you know, but maybe don’t know as well as others.

 When you have communicated with the person through email once or twice, there is a possibility that they might not remember you or be encouraged to accept your LinkedIn connection request. Your request could be ignored or deleted by them, they can even do worse with your request like reporting you as a spam.

2. There are so Many People You Want to Know, Connect With Them  

The worst thing that can be done by you is connecting with tons of random people. If you again and again keep on clicking the connection button to an automatically generated list of people, LinkedIn will not have a very good view about you.

Sending default requests to random people includes a real danger. You could be banned, if you were marked as spam by enough people who received your connection request. The actual threshold is known to LinkedIn only, but there is real risk as getting too many spam reports will lead to suspension of your LinkedIn account.

Networking is all about approaching the people you don’t know yet. So don’t be scared to approach people you want to know. 

Just be insured that you have a strategy for this. The connection request formula, which Ill share within no time will surely help you connect with the people you would like to know. 

3. Do Something so That People send Connection Requests to You

 If you are receiving connection requests from people, then you are the one who will decide whether to accept or decline those requests. The biggest advantage of this is that you don’t have to worry about being marked as spam. 

At the ground level, you have to make sure that you have a visibly imaging LinkedIn profile. Your profile should be structured in such a way that when people find your page through a search, they’ know exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can add value to their network.  

For attracting dozens of connection requests, you can use a very advanced trick i.e. to setup an autoresponder. Let’s see an example of an email that you can send to people who share their email address with your company (e.g., in order to receive a newsletter, download a whitepaper, or attend a webinar):

Thu 10/29/2015 9:36 PM

Adrian Duff <,

Re: Can we connect on LinkedIn?

To    ם XYZ


On fri, oct 30, 2015 at 2:21 PM, XYZ <> wrote:

I’d love to add you as a connection  - if you’re on LinkedIn. Just click my profile image below and shoot me a request. I’ll accept it ASAP. If you’re prompted to put in my email, Just use . 

Look forward to connecting!


 When you do this, you’ll be asking the people to send you the connection request. If you noticed the same fount and colour were used by me (the fount and the colour LinkedIn uses). As a result it will look as if it came from LinkedIn, all though it didn’t.

By doing this you’ll receive lots of requests from people but not every request should be accepted by you. I’m advising you to do so because at the end of the day LinkedIn limits you to 40,000 connections.

You should prioritize requests from people who live in countries where you have expended your business. Make sure the accounts are not fake before you accept anyone’s requests. This will save your time from recruiters or people who try to sell you stuff you are least interested in.

Steps To Write LinkedIn Connection Requests That Will Never Get Declined

Now finally it’s time to disclose the recipe for a type of connection request that will not see a decline 99.9% of the time.

Keeping five P’s in mind, you can write friendly, compelling LinkedIn connection requests. The request you write should be:  

  1. Polite
  2. Pertinent
  3. Personalized
  4. Professional
  5. Praiseful

With the example below, you’ll understand what I mean:

Invite Brian to connect on LinkedIn

How do you know Brian?

  • Colleague
  • Classmate
  • We’ve done business together
  • Friend
  • Other
  • I don’t know Brian

Include a personal note: (optional)

Hi ABC, I’m a  market customer for 5 years and use it every day. I greatly enjoyed your recent talk on marketing automation. Thought it would be nice to connect on LinkedIn.


Founder of word stream, Inc.

Important: only invite people you know well and who know you. Find out why.

                                                 Send Invitation or Cancel

So why is this recipe so effective?

Let’s transform this to the world we live in. You’re at a cocktail party or networking event. You come across a guy who is a stranger for you, he politely introduces himself to you, knows accurately who you are, expresses his regard about how you or your business helped him, he doesn’t ask for anything else except to shake hands with you.

Will you shake your hand with him?

Of course, yes!

Your ultimate goal is to get that virtual handshake and your LinkedIn connection request is your way to get that.

All though there are some people who wouldn’t accept your request (which is not likely the case) by using this secret key, your request wants to be reported as spam and that’s a surety. 

Summing Up......

Through LinkedIn you get enormous opportunities to connect with a vast pool of professionals. You should not limit yourself. Spending some quality time in writing appealing LinkedIn connection requests allows you to immediately establish your network.