How To Know If Someone Has Read Your Message on LinkedIn

May 3, 2021
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LinkedIn Messages

How To Know If Someone Has Read Your Message on LinkedIn

The most suitable platform for professional networking is LinkedIn. Building your influence and searching for ideal clients is very easy as you can connect with and many other people who are in your professional sphere. Addition of new features has made it at par with other social media platforms. Read receipts were added in 2017. We will look at what they are and how you can use them in this article.

What are LinkedIn Read Receipts?

After you send a message on LinkedIn, you are continuously thinking if your receiver opened it and saw what you wrote. It’s also good to know if your message was read by your targeted audience when you want to connect with people.

Read receipts are signs that show whether or not the other person or the members in a conversation have opened your message. This icon lies at the bottom end of your message thread.

when you are on a desktop, clicking on its icon will show you that the person has read it and the time at which they read it. You can also see when the other person is writing a message in response with a feature called typing indicator.

When you are trying to develop new connections these features are of great help. They let you measure how your conversation is going and if you should follow up your earlier messages.

Thank you for getting in touch with me. I hope our paths cross again down the line.

Best of luck


How does it work?

LinkedIn read receipts are turned on by default. Both parties have to turn these features on if you want them to be active in the conversation. With this, you can see if and when someone has opened your message.

There will be a small icon in the corner of your correspondence; this shows that your message has been seen. There will even be a timestamp on the desktop (not on mobile). There is no date stamp though. As a result you can see that the other person has opened your message but on which day, is not known to you.

It’s useful to know whether or not people are opening your messages when you are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect with new people. Use this knowledge to select your approach to sales.

You can also check which messages you have opened at a glance. There is a message tab, here you will see unread connections in with a blue number. This blue number shows how many unread messages you have.

Our Top Tips to Improve Your Messages

 We can tell you how you can make your messages if you want to improve how you communicate on LinkedIn. There are some things you will want to keep in mind if you are saying thank you or starting a contact.

·         Keep it short. Don’t brag about your product/ service/ experience. Talk sensibly and only what is relevant for both of you.

·         Don’t sell. Professionals are unlikely to reply to such messages. When you have built a relationship with them, then you can show your selling skills.

·         Be formal. People do business on LinkedIn. Make sure you don’t forget while writing a message. Your language should reflect professionalism.

Increase the chances of getting a reply and building a relationship with your desired connections by following these points.

Speak to a business coach if you need some guidance on where to start. He can the best suited strategy for you.

Turning Read Receipts on/off

 altogether ignored as read receipts create an additional pressure to reply. Thank God (or LinkedIn) that this feature can be disabled. This is enabled as default. Lets learn how to do it:

On desktop

This can be done from the settings page, which is at the top right corner of the page. At the top, there is a communication tab, click on that.

There are various options available such as notification, who can reach you, and messaging experience. Last setting is what we need.

Reading receipts and typing indicators is the first setting when you scroll down to ‘Messaging Experience.’ There is a button through which you can turn it on or off.


The process on your mobile app is similar to desktop. Click on your profile icon, which is at the top left of your screen. Here, click on settings. It will open your settings page.

There will be four options on the top. Click on the communication tab and scroll to the bottom. Now you have to tap on read receipts and typing indicators. Now you can turn them on or off as you wish.

Final thoughts

When you are managing your sales process, reading receipts and typing indicators can prove to be a very useful tool. By using this, you can see for yourself whether your messages are effective or not. You can also see if someone is at least attempting to respond.

If you do not want to reveal to others whether you opened the message or not, you can easily turn off the feature.