How to disable read and typing indicators in LinkedIn messages

May 27, 2021
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LinkedIn Messaging

How to disable read and typing indicators in LinkedIn messages

LinkedIn which is an American business and employment oriented online platform, it operates through website and mobile apps. It was launched on May 5, 2003. It is mainly used for professional networking. Till Dec 2020 it had 760 million users from 150 countries.

LinkedIn can be used for the following purposes:

1.   Personal branding. . . . . 

2.   Job searching. . . . .

3.   Top companies. . . . .

4.   Advertising. . . . . .

5.   As a publishing platform. . . . . .

 LinkedIn massaging is the most important way to connect with others on LinkedIn. Replying to every message can be hectic sometimes. So at times you need time and a piece of mind before you reply to a message.     

Every day you receive a lot of messages from your colleagues, old friends, recruiters, and bots on LinkedIn and it’s become default for you to keep up with all the messages you receive. At times you have every intention of replying to each and every message you receive but at a later time. The problem here is that the sender can see you’ve already seen the message sent by them but haven’t replied to them. Your intention of replying to them later may add false tension or anxiety to the communication. This might signal to the sender that’s not intended by you such as how you might value that person or their objective. All LinkedIn, a sender can also tell when you are typing. Seeing you typing fills them with anxiety and they eagerly wait for what you have to say, even if you change your mind and delete the draft, leaving them hanging in between.

Let’s try and decrease constant worry and disable read receipts and typing indicators. Disabling read receipts and typing indicators will allow you to reply when you’re free and relaxed knowing that now unintended feelings will be conveyed when skimming between meetings. Don’t forget that if you do this no one will be able to see that you’ve read their messages or a typing indicator when you are typing, and also you want to be able to see the same from others. If you disable it from applying it to you, it’ll also remove your ability to benefit from it applying to others.

To know more about if someone has read your message on LinkedIn refer to Link

Linkedin Settings

Steps to disable typing indicators and read receipts in LinkedIn messages

1.  Login by going to LinkedIn.

2. Go to your profile menu and then select setting and privacy.

3.  From the navigation menu on the top select Communications.

4.  There is messaging experience on the left.


  Notifications by channel

  Who can reach you

  Messaging experience

5. Click on Change, which is next to Read receipts and typing indicators. 

Messaging experience 

Read receipts and typing indicators                                             change 

Turn on read receipts and typing indicators 

6. Switch the option to the off position. It will be saved automatically. 

Messaging experience 

Read receipts and typing indicators

Turn on read receipts and typing indicators

When messaging a connection who has it enabled, both of you will be able to see when each other is typing and when the message is read.


• saved           

In sending a group message, non connections will see read receipts and typing indicators. These settings do not apply to InMail and Sponsored messages.