How to Create a Strong LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Strategy

October 31, 2021
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Linkedin Marketing

How to Create a Strong LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn was built as a business networking site but at present it has also become a major element in many B2B lead generation and content marketing strategies. As LinkedIn is growing, it can now claim to be the world's largest professional network.

The very nature of LinkedIn makes it the perfect platform for content marketing, that’s the reason it has become a main part of so many B2B strategies. LinkedIn is used as a content distribution channel by 94% of B2B marketers. 

How is LinkedIn Important for B2B Content Marketing?

93% of the most successful B2B marketers’ organization is very committed to content marketing, compared to just 35% of the least successful.

Why is LinkedIn used by B2B marketing professionals to spread awareness, establish relationships and generate leads? This is so because it offers unique benefits which are absent on other platforms, like:


LinkedIn is one platform where you can consistently find a top tier business audience. Content which is targeted for the business finds an eager audience here.


By publishing outstanding and insightful content on LinkedIn is the best way to build thought leadership & brand trust. If other business professionals add recommendations and comments for you, it’ll give you more benefits than paid ads.


To find the most current content in a specific industry, LinkedIn is the best place. When you add your unique spin on your site, use it to post or comment on other industry insider pages.

Who is Your Target Audience on LinkedIn?

To build a strong foundation of a LinkedIn strategy, you have to create a company page that demonstrates your business in the most favorable way possible for your target business audience. Show Pages displays a brand, business unit, or starting and ‘showcase’ messages of interest to particular audience segments.

LinkedIn Groups is a place for professionals who work in the same industry or those who have some interests in common. They share their insights and experiences and build network connections. You should join groups that will help your company to meet new people.

Create Content on LinkedIn

You should use the company's publishing tools to create and upload updates, valuable articles, images, and videos. Instead of posting content that promotes your product and services, you should post content that educates, informs and builds trust. 

You can edit, write and distribute articles that share your professional expertise with a business audience with the help of LinkedIn Publishing Platform. You can keep your LinkedIn page fresh by using the “Recent Updates” section. 

To increase reach and build engagement use specifically targeted content that focuses on industry concerns. Some best practices for successful B2B content marketing strategies are:

·      Move from lead generation to creating more value.

·      To display thought leadership, share content regularly.

·      Elaborate difficult concepts to show your organization’s benefits.

·      Share posts with relevant LinkedIn Groups so that a large number of people can read them.

·      Share links to content and videos to drive prospects and customers to your LinkedIn page.

·      Explore issues that are faced by your industry.

·      Instead of the quantity of content you upload, you should worry about the quality of the information you provide.

·      Use presentations, PDFs and infographics that expand on your knowledge base.

·  Make sure you include your LinkedIn content in your customer journey map, so that you’re able to understand how important it is in the overall marketing strategy.

Full LinkedIn Strategy

By using LinkedIn’s advanced advertising options, you can expand your reach:

·      Sponsored Content: it lets an advertiser to distribute LinkedIn Page updates to targeted LinkedIn users apart from the followers and visitors of the page.

·      Direct Sponsored Content is Sponsored content but it doesn’t show on LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page. A company is able to customize, test, and improve content performance without making a mess of their LinkedIn Page.

·      Ad Placement on LinkedIn: when a LinkedIn ad campaign is run by advertisers, it appears in multiple locations, like text ads, Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads.

·      Increasing Distribution of Your Articles: by replying to any comment on your content, create a community around it. Give your content an additional reach by sharing it on other posts.

·      LinkedIn Influencers: it has a collection of more than 500 world’s famous thinkers and innovators. They frequently discuss newsworthy and trending topics.

·  Data Targeting: LinkedIn provides filtering options that can be used by you to reach engaged audiences through data targeting.

Let us Measure Your LinkedIn Impact

Track the results and metrics of your B2B content market strategy with LinkedIn’s analytics tools. These are the analytics tools:

·      Profile Views: it shows how many people viewed your profile in the past 90 days and also details and demographics on post visitors.

·      Content Analytics: you can the total number of viewers, breakdown of viewers and how they engaged with your content

·  Search Appearances: with this, you can see how many times your company’s profile came up in search results in the last one week and information what types of searches brought up your profile.

Conversation Marketing on LinkedIn

Instead of just broadcasting your information, use LinkedIn to create an experience and build social engagement. By sharing others' content, you can expand their messages. Content Suggestion Tool that can be used by you to identify content topics and articles that may be appropriate for your LinkedIn audience.