How Can You Write LinkedIn Message That Will be Read by The People

July 22, 2021
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Linkedin Messaging

How Can You Write LinkedIn Message That Will be Read by The People

The subject line of your InMail should be short.

 In your opening you should make a personal connection.

 You should mention your mutual connections.

 Your message should be in the limit of 100 words.

  • You can expand your network and even lead to getting a new business if you cold message someone on LinkedIn. 
  • 4 tips were shared by a company insider who can help you improve your chances of getting a response when messaging someone on LinkedIn who is a stranger for you.
  • Mention your mutual connection and keep your message in the limit of 100 words. 

You may feel awkward while cold messaging a stranger you want to network with, but according to many influential people it can help you in the long run.

Apart from email LinkedIn’s messaging system InMail is used by job seekers to build their community and get those jobs. Making a key connection can give you best results, 70% of job seekers are recruited at a company where they know someone.

What makes InMail most effective? However don’t forget InMail is a feature available only for Premium members. Now we’ll elaborate on the above given points: 

The subject line of your InMail should be short.

Be straightforward about what you want in your subject text

Mostly people will not go through the full InMail message, so your goal should be to grab prospects attention witch a catchy subject text

As per the LinkedIn data if you stay within the limit of three words or less, the probability of you receiving a reply increases by 14 %.

Brevity is the key in an InMail. By adding a little intrigue motivates the recipients to open the message to see more.

E.g. “Want to connect” or “Coffee soon”  

In your opening you should make a personal connection.

Make sure you are familiar with their profile before you message anyone on LinkedIn. Did you both go to the same college? Do you both belong to the same city?

Mention these commonalities when you are messaging Prospects. There is a hike by 10% in replies when you customize your note with common groups and experiences.

Academic research has shown that recruiters are more likely to recruit those who strike a chord. 

You should mention your mutual connections. 

Before you write your InMail, except from their professional background, spend a bit of your time researching about who they are connected to.

When a recruiter makes a reference to a former employer your chance of getting a response increases by 27%. More than 70% of professionals are recruited at a company where they already know someone. 

When you want to enhance your network mentioning your mutual connections can be a good beginning.

Your message should be in the limit of 100 words. 


I am XYZ & I work in GE

I realized that we both work at the same place & I was thinking if we can connect.

I would like to exchange numbers or go for dinner so that I am able to know more about your life at corporate.

I saw that we have PQRS as our mutual connection – he was my boss at my previous firm. How are you guys connected? 

Do reply to me if you would like to have a coffee someday.



Do not wander

It is founded by LinkedIn that messages with 100 or less words have more probability of receiving a reply than messages with 200 or more words.

Done that, keep clarity about follow up steps which motivate the receiver to reply.

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