How can You Engage with Prospects on LinkedIn

June 28, 2021
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Engage Prospects on Linkedin

How can You Engage with Prospects on LinkedIn

The previous article showed some steps to identify and find prospects with the help of LinkedIn and a bit of engaging them were also covered. Here, the focus is on the engagement part and we’ll elaborate on processes and strategies that can be used by you for engaging with your prospects on LinkedIn. Some tips will be shared in this article that’ll help improve your LinkedIn engagement plans and establish more relationships with your perfect perspectives.

#1) Have an In Depth Knowledge about Your Prospect’s Profile

This shouldn’t have even been mentioned, but you’ll be shocked how many sales professionals would get better results if they spent little bit of their time researching before they contacted their prospects.

Spend some time going through your prospect’s profile. What do your potential clients say about themselves? From where did they do your schooling? Which was their previous job profile? How was their professional journey? 

You can specify your message in a better way for them if you know them more as a people. In starting, your basic knowledge about your prospect is so important for the growth of your initial connection and this helps you in building further association with them. Accompany is one of the best tools for this purpose, it’ll give you quick starters and amazing conversation starters. Another feature of this great tool is that it syncs with your calendar and tells more about people in your next meeting. It even automatically extracts dial in information from all your information with the help of calendar connections. It's magical how it can turn all tiring typing of dial in and pass code combinations for your conference calls into a one click thing.

#2) Searches for Common Grounds

   Did you both study in the same college or do you have the same colleagues? Do you know someone who works in the same organization as they do? LinkedIn’s shared connection acts as a perfect place to find all this information. 

When LinkedIn’s standard search form is used by you to search a profile, you can know how many connections you both have in common through their system.

Take advantage of any special connection or interest you both have. These act as effective conversation starters and the information can be used by you as a common ground on which you can build other appropriate queries, content, and information which you want to send them.

#3) Customize All Messages and Be Precise

Automation has changed the way business is done, these day sales people try to search for new techniques to merge automation into social selling on LinkedIn. Yet, your conversation shouldn’t be automated that way.

From the very first connection request you send to your every connection, you should aim at customizing your every message and modify your topics and perspective to match your prospect’s way of thinking. Mention things which are precisely related to their job, organization, product, or business. Show them in any way, you aren’t sending them automated messages and you are really interacting with them. Very frequently, this happens to be a main obstacle in the growth of your relationship on LinkedIn.

#4) Short and Sweet is the Key

These days everyone is short of time and everyone respects those who value their time. You shouldn’t send a 1000 word long introduction to a new potential client or customer. Rather, keep your message as short and sweet as possible. The focus of your message should be only on one thing. One thing should be asked by you. Only one piece of information should be shared by you. Share one connection you both have in common. By doing this, you can increase your chances of getting a response from them. Then, you can use this response to take your conversation with them and turn them into your permanent clients or customers.

#5) You should Ask Questions

We all love talking about ourselves, and that goes without even saying for your prospects as well. You can start a conversation with a new prospect by asking those questions about their job, organization, product, or field. You believe it or not, it’s a great way to start a conversation or gather information which can be further used by you to fuel later discussions. Very frequently, strategies used to convince prospects are used by salespeople without spending time in knowing the prospects first. So, the right way to start is to know and understand your prospect first.

Extra Tip – Move Away From LinkedIn

The art of engagement on LinkedIn has been mastered by you and now your prospects have started reading your messages and reply to them. One of the biggest hurdles folks face is that the conversation will remain confined to LinkedIn only. You should try to move away from LinkedIn messenger platform as quickly as you can. Take your conversations directly to email, ideally with your first message.

You want their email because detailed information can be sent by you, emails are better formatted and attachments seem better. Most people check their email several times in a day but people are not that keen on checking their LinkedIn messenger. And so often, it happens that LinkedIn messages get buried under a heap of other messages and die a premature death. The prospect’s email also allows you to reach out in a targeted and scheduled way if you have a CRM or a lead generation tool. In short, you should get hold of your prospect’s email address, so that you are able to send more information.

LinkedIn Is An Effective Platform For Social Selling

Without a doubt, LinkedIn has proven to be the most powerful platform for B2B social sellers. With LinkedIn, you get unparalleled access to prospects and data about them that would be difficult to gather from other means. On the other hand, only the access of this data will not make you successful. You need to identify your potential clients or customers on LinkedIn and successfully engage with them. The strategies given in this article can act as good starting points to enhance your social selling on LinkedIn and interacting with more prospects in a more meaningful way.