How Can You Engage More Prospects on Linkedin

September 12, 2021
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Engage More Prospects

How Can You Engage More Prospects on Linkedin

If LinkedIn messaging campaigns are used by you to get prospects and clients, it must be known to you how amazingly successful it can be.

You must be aware about the recent changes in the platform especially in LinkedIn groups. This has created new challenges in winning over prospects.

There Are two specific challenges.

One, the groups have become less active after the changes. Due to that many groups’ growth has slowed remarkably. This has put a restriction on your ability to meet new people at the same speed you used to. 

Two, there are dramatic changes in LinkedIn group messaging. Now you can only send 15 messages a month to group members but earlier you were able to message people in your group as frequently as possible.

To let you overcome these challenges a new messaging strategy is shared here.

Question Were the Answer

First sending a customized connection request is the common way of contacting new prospects. After they accept your connection request, a message saying “thanks for the connection” is sent by you to them and you start establishing your relationship with them.

That’s the common way in which the relationship building starts.

Change is the law of nature and when the changes in any social platform are unavoidable. As a result of changes in LinkedIn groups, it impacted normal messages strategy. 

As relationship building is the core of any effective messaging strategy, the new message strategy will be focused on this.

Successful selling starts with listening. So the new strategy was built around questions. Questions which were relevant to our target audience.

Bottom line, it was made personal.

Simple Shift That Gave Big Results

Earlier, we used already created content to begin conversation in our messaging campaign. To be able to achieve a higher level of engagement from the prospects, the content had to be more personal.

Next time, when you are approaching your prospect, use a much more targeted way rather than approaching with an article or resource that already exists. Here’s what can be done.

Step 1: 

After they accept your connection request, Rather than sharing appropriate exacting content (like it was done earlier), tell them you are doing research about a particular topic or challenge in their field.

The secret here is to wrap your question (generally 2 or 3 of them) about something which is important and meaningful for your prospect.

You are simultaneously achieving few valuable things.

·  You are reaching out with a particular issue which is personally relevant for your prospect.

·  You are regarding them as an authority and leader in their field by asking them their opinion on the issue.

·  You are showing them that you are someone who knows and cares about their field

Step 2:

After they respond to your question, send them a reply message like…

“This is amazing. Thanks would love to know more about (the issue. Can you get on the call next week and discuss it further?”

If you don’t get a response, contact them again in 2 weeks with a message like this…

“Sorry we were not able to connect on the questions I sent you. It looks like you have a lot of experience in that specific area, so I’d really like to know your opinion on that. Can you make some time next week to connect?”

It has seen five to ten responses from the same number of messages that earlier got two or three.

Adjust With the Changes 

As earlier change is the law of nature, you have to keep adjusting and experimenting. Try this new strategy for a week or two. The chances are you’ll see better engagement and book more calls.