Fix LinkedIn Won’t Let Me Send Messages

February 11, 2021
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Fix LinkedIn Won’t Let Me Send Messages

Fix LinkedIn Won’t Let Me Send Messages

LinkedIn is an amazing way of connecting offices and the people working in offices from every corner of the globe. LinkedIn can be used for so many features like develop and organize your skills, search for jobs you like.

Messaging is one of the major mode show you connect with others on LinkedIn. Starting with some attractive points can give you the job you also wanted.

If you are not able to send messages on LinkedIn, go through this article and you will come to know why we’re facing this issue and also its solutions.

LinkedIn Is Not Letting Me Send Messages to Anybody


·         Use a browser, if you are not able to send messages from the app.

·         Messages should be sent through their profile or through your connections.

·         Ensure there is no identified problem which is disturbing your LinkedIn Messages. If you are facing this situation, be patient until Microsoft solves it. Download Down Detector for checking the status of LinkedIn Service.

1.  Verify your principal email address

You get access to all the services LinkedIn provides on a new account when you verify your email address.

Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent by LinkedIn in your inbox.

2.  Clean your browser cache and cookies history

LinkedIn Messaging can get disturbed due to your cache and cookies resulting in jamming of your messages.

Cleaning your browser cache and cookies will be sufficient to solve your problem.

Follow these steps

Browser settings > History > choose the time range and type of data you wish to delete > Click Clear data

Sign out and sign in again to your LinkedIn account. Try sending a message and see if you can now send messages.

3.  Try using another browser or update the browser you are using

Outdated browser versions may not support some browser features. Update the browser you are using if there is a newer version available and see if the problem is resolved.

Switch to another browser if the problem is only in your browser.

Be certain that you are working on a supported browser. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Android browser are currently supported by LinkedIn.

Ø  Point to Remember: Some most commonly used browsers may need to fix the bug so don’t use them. Only stable browser versions should be used.

4.  Give a halt to your browser extensions

Try disabling extensions like ad blockers and pop up blockers if you are using these and see if the issue is resolved.

Ad blockers and extensions break some website features and it is very common.

Do tell us what worked for you.