Five Steps to Engage Prospects on LinkedIn

September 5, 2021
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Engage Prospects

Five Steps to Engage Prospects on LinkedIn

Confused about how to successfully engage your LinkedIn prospects?
Want to know strategies to nurture prospects on LinkedIn?  

You can turn people from leads to customers using LinkedIn.

Here we’ll learn a five step plan for turning cold LinkedIn prospects into warm leads.

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#1: Tell them how you can add value for them  

Your LinkedIn summary needs the right positioning, before you start communicating with your LinkedIn connection to convert them to customers. After your potential customers read your summary, they should feel like you understand their problem and can help them solve it. To help them achieve a result they need to be confident in your skills and expertise to help them achieve a result. Show them that you’ve done it earlier too.

Keeping these requirements in your mind start your LinkedIn summary with a simple statement about what you do. Next you should add a short summary about your experience. It should focus on how your experience and achievements you have gained in your field can add value in the lives of your prospective clients.

If you have a well developed profile summary, your prospects will easily validate that you understand what they need and you are capable of delivering results.

#2: Deliver Content That Build Your Expertise

When content on LinkedIn is shared by you, give focus on the topics for which you want to be known. A mix of your own content from LinkedIn Publisher can be shared by you with the content you’ve arranged.

The content you yourself write should display that you’re an expert in your field. You need to show your connections that you understand their needs and challenges. Now, explain how you can help your customers with the challenges they face.

There are various advantages of sharing content on LinkedIn. You have an opportunity to talk directly to your ideal audience with your posts and the comments. Your connections will feel more justified in becoming your customers when you build your expertise. You can maintain visibility in your LinkedIn feed by frequently and consistently sharing content.

#3: Personalize LinkedIn Conversations

You’re ready to start communication with your connections to convert them into leads when you’ve a profile and several posts that show you as a helpful expert in your field.

When you start reaching out to your connections, knowing what to say can be difficult. To help you, Conversation Starters was introduced by LinkedIn in 2016. These are scripts to help you start your message.

Use these scripts as a guide. When you use standard messages, your connections feel like commodities and not customers. Personalize your message based on what you know about the receiver.

Till now conversation starters are available in the LinkedIn mobile app only. They can also be used for reconnecting with connections you haven’t talked to in a while. You can give a kick start to conversations with the help of this.

To know how to use LinkedIn messages refer to link

#4: Track Notifications to Celebrate Special Occasions

You can use LinkedIn to recognize your connections on special occasions because people like to be acknowledged and congratulated. Using occasions as an opportunity, you can communicate with people.

Special occasions can be seen in your feed. Notifications are also provided by LinkedIn on connections’ birthdays, when they take a new position, or when they celebrate a career milestone. Click the Notifications tab in the upper right to see the special occasion.

Then click the Say Congrats button. A new message to your contact will be opened by LinkedIn. It’ll have a short starter like ‘Congrats on your work anniversary!’ Add a personal message after the starter to make your message unique from the other messages your receiver gets and to make them feel like a customer.  

#5: Use InMail to Move Conversations Toward Your Sales Pipeline

Move connections off of LinkedIn and into your sales system or process to convert connections into customers. It could be a landing page, email marketing or nurturing campaign or another call to action. You can write scripts that help you focus on your end goals to make sure your messages to LinkedIn connections are targeted.

The scripts are blue prints to guide your writing. In starting you should say two things about your connection and one thing about you. In the next step, you should ask the permission from them to move the conversation off of LinkedIn.

The many connotations for home you have to exchange more than one message before they’re comfortable in moving from LinkedIn to your sales system or process. To help you keep your LinkedIn message aligned with your goal, you can develop a series of scripts.


There are many people who have more than 500 LinkedIn connections. Strategy to convert these connections into customers can be developed by the businesses that identify them as an untapped resource of potential customers. The secret is customizing communication. Connections feel valued with this type of communication.