Five Easy Steps to Leverage LinkedIn Messenger for B2B Sales

April 25, 2021
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Linkedin Messenger

Five Easy Steps to Leverage LinkedIn Messenger for B2B Sales

Social media is getting personal day by day. In the previous year there was an extreme shift from public platform to more private conversation. In December, TechCrunch termed 2018 as the year where social networks were no longer social because a lot of users started using less public means of communication. There’s a reason why the top three messaging platforms are serving almost 4 billion monthly users around the world.

In sales this trend has been long true. The name of the game is relationship Building. This is especially in the case of businesses that demand long term-sales cycles. For them it is necessary that they make more than passing contact with their prospects and lead. That’s where and how LinkedIn Messenger comes into the scene.    

LinkedIn is known to everyone as the platform where they can connect with business buying agents and other experience audiences. It is also known to you as a medium which is very powerful yet suffers from serious constraints when it comes to the number of audiences you can cater to. That’s why it becomes so crucial to take advantage of potential depth of communication with every prospect of yours. The below given steps will let you leverage LinkedIn Messenger as a strong means to promote sales relationships.

1)  Be Aware of Your Targeted Audience.

I know it looks basic. Yet, no matter which way you are using, it’s an important first step. You need to be familiar with your audience even before you start to consider tactical considerations of LinkedIn’s messenger platform.

This is applicable whether or not they know and use the platform. Let’s hope you already know that they do. Rather focus on more definite questions:

·         What are the areas where they field difficulties and open questions that conversations with you could address?

·         At what time they are generally online? It is known by all that sending a message when your targeted audience is online is more likely to be read.

·         You should know how many other sales people do they currently have and do they expect to communicate with?

It is not easy to answer these questions. You have to depend on elaborated research, conversations you had with your customers in the past, and sometimes even on your own intuition. Still even if you get limited answers to these you’ll have a better idea on how to focus and improve your messenger plan of action.

2) Write Your Message According to the Sales Cycle

For more complicated sales cycles, establishing relationships with your potential clients becomes especially important. And now it’s time for LinkedIn Messenger to have the ability to do wonders. In that case also, you have to be ensured that you meet your potential clients where they are.

In other words we can say that you have to write your message according to their particular stage in the sales cycle. There may be someone who might not have heard about you; in this case, they have to see you as an authority first. In other cases, a new lease might need some extra efforts from your side to make them realize that you have the expertise they are looking for. Potential clients who have all the knowledge they require and are just ready to make a purchasing deal, for them, overt sales pitches are best suited.

3) Use the Support of Paid InMail to Gain Prospects

For any sales professional on LinkedIn enhancing their prospect database is the main aim. Some of the professionals can be gained by sending them connection requests. Probably, you won’t achieve unconditional success.

Rather, let’s think of a better way. Through sponsored InMail, LinkedIn offers a paid method of outreach. Sponsored InMail is a blend of LinkedIn's own messenger platform and regular email. The key: just like digital ads, you can target these messages, based on factors such as job role, businesses, and companies.

Put differently: some money is spent by you, target a type of audience that suits your prospect profile, and compose a message that is meant for your audience. You can acquire an important position in the messenger inbox of your most reputed potential clients.

Depending on the pack you purchase, you get only a specified number of InMail per month. Due to this reason it performs better than cold email of the same nature. It’s best to gain prospects because you get exclusive attention and a lot of space to make your points clear. 

4)  Customize the Content

Either you are sending an InMail to a potential lead or a regular message to someone you are already connected to, personalizing it for your audience is the most important thing. The basics of how you personalize an email applies here too. If your audience feels you are directly interacting with them, there would be an incredible increase in your response, click-through, and conversion rates.

You need to make some efforts to achieve this type of personalization:  

·         Your subject line should be so catchy that it immediately grasps your audience’s interest. It should also contain a problem or a question they might have.

·         In your message body talk about the problem or question in more detail, fulfilling the promise you made in the subject line.

·         Use basic merge fields like the first name of your recipient in the address line where ever possible.

·         Keep your language casual, that means don’t use heavy sales lingo. Your message should look like normal interaction between you and your prospect.

·         Provide them a natural next step, whether they have to click on a relevant piece of content on your website or you are simply requesting for a reply and conversation.

5)   Aim to Add Value to Your Users

Lastly, never underestimate the value you have to provide for your prospects to pay attention. They’re out if they notice a thinly veiled sales pitch which has nothing to offer them. Deciding what that value could be is important for your efforts establishing a long term relationship even before the sale.

That value can be in any shape. You can make your audience aware about a lead magnet that covers industry trends or any other topic that you think is appropriate for their every day work. There is a possibility you offer them an even more solid benefit like a free trial.

Another opportunity is to use advantageous features such as a new meeting setup tool, mainly applicable for prospects late in the sales funnel. On LinkedIn Messenger the inclusion of value in any of your messages is most important for long term and sustainable success.

With the help of these steps, LinkedIn’s personal messaging tool will become a beneficial part of your efforts to establish relationships with your prospects. Your approach becomes more strategic so you can make full use of your opportunities and manage your time spent in driving prospects through the sales funnel. To become a successful sales professional this is the first step. He can take full advantage of personal and digital opportunities with ease.