Are LinkedIn Messages Private? LinkedIn Advice

February 23, 2021
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Are LinkedIn Messages Private? LinkedIn Advice

LinkedIn is one of the most useful tools for white collar officials. A large number of recruiters search LinkedIn daily to search for people who are suitable for the jobs and can become an asset to their company. There are so many people out there who do not get best results from LinkedIn because they are unsure about its certain aspects. One question which is very frequently asked is ‘are LinkedIn messages private?’

LinkedIn messages are completely private. Messages sent on LinkedIn can only be read by the sender and the receiver. The types of LinkedIn messages are:

·         Direct Messages

·         InMail

·         Sponsored Messages

·         Open Profile Messages

All these are private messages and can’t be received or opened by anyone else other than the receiver.

Types of LinkedIn Messages

1.  Direct Messages

This can be sent between LinkedIn users who are connected to each other. Basic and Premium both users can use this feature, which is fully private.

2.  Open Profile Messaging

It lets LinkedIn users to contact Premium members who have enabled Open Profile, even if they are not connected to the sender. You can send a message to anyone on LinkedIn if they have enabled this feature. All Open Profile Messages are also private.

3.  InMail

It is a feature of LinkedIn that let Premium users send messages to people they are not connected to. The character count for this message is 1900 including email signatures.

These are always as only recipients can receive and open an InMail.

4.  Sponsored Messaging

It is an ad feature on LinkedIn. With this users can send native ads to their targeted audiences. It is generally used by businesses and entrepreneurs to build their clients. It includes image banners, personalized call to action buttons and optional lead generation forms.

Just like the other messaging options on LinkedIn, this is also private.

Other Types of LinkedIn Messages

1.  LinkedIn Group Messages

The manager of Groups on LinkedIn can send direct messages to group members, this is 100% private.

Group members and owners have an option that says with ‘start a conversation’ with group members. 20 members can be mentioned in one conversation. Messages posted in these conversations are not fully private as the other members mentioned can also view the content of the conversations.

2.  Multiple Recipient Messages

You can send LinkedIn messages to many users at a time. 50 users can be added in one message, due to this, these messages are not completely private. However, no one other than whom you have specified will be able to see or receive your message.

Can some See If You Have Read Their LinkedIn Messages?

Privacy is a very crucial issue with all forms of social media. The LinkedIn users are not worried about the privacy of their profile but they also want their contact with connection to be private.

Does LinkedIn tell its users when you have read their messages?

When a LinkedIn message has been read, it gives an indication to inform the sender that you have seen the message.

These ‘read receipts’ are the same as used by Facebook, it confirms to the sender that you have received their message. When users are typing a message, typing indicators are shown in the messages.

These indicators are not turned on by default but they can be disabled if the user wishes to.

Click on the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn profile, if you want to disable these. After that, click on ‘Settings & Privacy’ and then on ‘Communications.’ In the end, navigate to the ‘Preferences’ section and click ‘Change’, which is next to ‘Read receipts and Typing Indicators.’ Select ‘Off’ option here.

When you disable this feature, your connections can not make out when you have read their messages or when you are typing the message.

How to Send Messages to Connections on LinkedIn?

 It can be sent from three sections on LinkedIn: the messaging page, the connections page, the recipient’s profile page.

If you want to send a message from the messaging page, click ‘Messaging’ at the top of LinkedIn homepage, after that click ‘Compose’.

Sending messages from the connections section click ‘My Network’ at the top of the page and then click ‘Connections.’ A list of your connections will appear here. Search for the user you want to message, then click on ‘Message’, this will be right next to their name.

You can send messages from the recipient’s profile also. Go on their profile page and then click on ‘Messaging.’


LinkedIn has various forms of messaging, which is different for basic and Premium users but all these are private and can be viewed only by the sender and the receiver.