3 Impacts of the New LinkedIn Messaging

December 13, 2021
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Linkedin Messaging

3 Impacts of the New LinkedIn Messaging

3 Impacts of the New LinkedIn Messaging

We humans are made of habits and most of us don’t like changes. Hearing negative about new LinkedIn messaging is expected, but God knows what they were thinking!

1.   Now Untick The ‘Press Enter To Send’ Box

An email will be sent to you if you have a LinkedIn messaging set to send via an email whenever you get a LinkedIn message and the person writing to doesn’t uncheck the ‘press enter the box.’

The message looks like this.

2.   LinkedIn feels its Facebook

Cat stickers are an important part of any business relationship on LinkedIn, you should it will look like this:

And when you select a sticker to include, it’ll just send it

You will have to start all over again and they will receive an email

3.   Personalized LinkedIn Invitation to connect

The feedback I received from Recruiters, HR and Candidates is that they would like to know why someone wants to connect with them, it makes sorting out the messages easier. Though there are differences in opinions.

LinkedIn wants us to connect only with the people we know but that are not how this site is used. So an explanation within the invite to connect goes a long way.

But this feature is literally hidden on the messaging platform.

When you click +people button on the desktop you will find ‘see all.’

There is a ‘conversation box’ under this, when you click it, it will show a personal message. Now you will have an opportunity to reply.

But here is a problem. When you reply, the personal message no longer transfers over…So let’s hope everybody remembers what they wrote!

So what is your opinion about the new LinkedIn messaging platform?